Matt Vasilogambros

Matt Vasilogambros

Matt Vasilogambros covers voting rights, gun laws and Western climate policy for Stateline. He lives in San Diego, California.

Racist slurs and death threats: The dangerous life of a Georgia elections official

By: - June 25, 2024

Nationally, 38% of local election officials have experienced threats, harassment or abuse since 2020 just for doing their jobs, according to a new survey.

Though noncitizens can vote in few local elections, GOP goes big to make it illegal

By: - May 6, 2024

Critics say some of these efforts churn up anti-immigration sentiment and unsupported fears of widespread fraud, all to boost turnout among the GOP base.

Chicago is the latest city rethinking disputed technology that listens for gunshots

By: - February 27, 2024

Over the past decade, cities around the country such as Atlanta; Charlotte, North Carolina; New Orleans; and San Antonio have discontinued their use of ShotSpotte.

Feds deliver stark warnings to state election officials ahead of November

By: - February 14, 2024

Ahead of November's elections, secretaries of state and state election directors must be ready for potential cyberattacks, both familiar and uncomfortably new, according to the feds.

Kids are flooded with social media and news. Some states want to help them question it.

By: - January 19, 2024

Some conservatives say the media literacy bills coming out of state legislatures are vague and promote “woke” ideologies.

Homeless residents face uncertainty as encampment sweeps gain steam

By: and - December 25, 2023

More than 653,000 Americans are experiencing homelessness, a 12% increase from last year, per federal statistics.

In face of threats, election workers vow: ‘You are not disrupting the democratic process’

By: - November 30, 2023

Facing ongoing threats since the 2020 election, election workers have shored up their safety protocols and used state and federal grant money to build more secure facilities.

Courts, state officials hesitate to keep Trump off 2024 ballots

By: - November 14, 2023

Courts in N.J. and elsewhere are mulling whether former President Trump should be kept off 2024 ballots. His disqualification seems unlikely.

Governors show solidarity with Israel, earning plaudits and criticism

By: - October 31, 2023

Supporting Israel is popular among Americans in both parties — and historically it has been a prerequisite for any governor with presidential ambitions.

As ranked choice voting gains momentum, parties in power push back

By: - August 21, 2023

Arguing that ranked choice voting is too complicated for voters, both major parties took steps to prevent adoption of the voting system.

In reversal, some states make it harder for people with felony convictions to vote

By: - August 7, 2023

Voting rights advocates argue that the chance to participate in elections allows residents with felony convictions to feel part of the community and makes them less likely to commit crimes in the future.